About Me

Transforming your dream into reality!


As a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, Ava Kate Oleson can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose. Ava inspires and empowers all those that are drawn to her to live their highest vision as they engage in a life transforming journey where the benefits begin on the first day. Her passion is equipping and inspiring clients to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living!

Ava Kate is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach.

Ava brings to her coaching practice an extensive background in teaching, and integration of applied psychology with leadership development and personal growth. Building on over 25 years in full-time organizational leadership, higher education, pastoral ministry, and counseling, her expertise has taken her to Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Argentina, and Canada. She possesses excellent motivational and team building skills. Her writing appears in national publications and journals, and her doctoral work focused on the psychological and characterological competencies necessary to ensure long-term sustained impact for leaders in the 21st century with special emphasis on female leaders.


Ava has a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Seminary's Graduate School of Psychology, and a Doctor of Leadership degree from Evangel University. She has served as the DMin Leadership Development Coordinator and Associate Professor at Evangel University, and Vanguard University of Southern California, as well as other influential leadership roles. She has a background in training as a Marriage and Family Therapist and served at the Center for Family Therapy in Orange, CA. She is a Certified Life Mastery Coach with executive level training, where she studied with Olympic Gold Medalists and trained by the best in the industry, including Dr. Kirsten Welles, founding member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.

Proven Success Strategies

  • Ava knows exactly what it takes to practice heart-centered transformational brave thinking. She grew from a young adult person who felt invisible with no ambition, to a person who conquered her fears and achieved more than her wildest dreams, to become a person who now empowers and equips others take bold, creative action to define and achieve their dreams. She is an experienced, capable coach who will inspire and equip you to create and achieve a newly revised version of your life. She is convinced that every person has a unique set of gifts designed to match their capacity to be far more powerful than any circumstance, obstacle, or condition. Although her spectrum of professional experience is in mixed gender environments, Ava Kate also specializes in working with female leaders seeking personal growth and change.
  • She is married to her husband and best friend, Eric. They have two grown children, Bergen and Emalee Rose, and live in Orange County, California. Her hobbies are reading, interior design, fashion, travelling, ice skating, and savoring an iced caramel macchiato on a balmy, sunny patio at Starbucks with a good friend.
  • Combining this background with the proven Life Mastery technology, Ava Kate is helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. She is filled with joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they now LOVE living.
  • Ava offers content rich interactive workshops that take participants on a journey in which they design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love – and then take the appropriate action steps to align with their highest purpose. They will have a unique opportunity to “step into” the life they are imagining and feel a resounding “yes”.
  • Whether it’s a short 10-minute talk, a ‘Lunch & Learn’ training, a motivating keynote speech, or Vision  workshop – your group will be ignited by this training, and they will “THANK YOU” for bringing Ava Kate to them. Ava  resides in Orange County, CA with her husband. They have two grown children, love to travel, enjoy hearing people's stories, and are animal lovers!